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Uruguay Hip Hop | Boom Box Cypher | Leave Your Pride

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Uruguay was filled with surprises, re-connections and a strong Hip Hop community. We had the opportunity to talk about the EPIC Journey project at a Hip Hop event called ‘Boom Box Cypher’ and collaborate with Viki (who has always been building the scene here) to support her many Hip Hop workshops across Montevideo.

The Boom Box Cypher was a jam organised by Clan Destinos which had cyphers, an octagon battle and it was where we had the opportunity to present the ‘EPIC Journey’ on a projector screen with a Q&A. We felt so grateful Viki gave us a platform to share our histories, inspirations and the project with the Hip Hop community in Montevideo. The Q&A led to many interesting debates from how we are funding the travel to our views on breaking in the Youth Olympics. I really felt a strong sense of protection for the Hip Hop culture here in Uruguay.

During our time in Montevideo, we also entered a battle called ‘Leave Your Pride’ which had 1 on 1 Breaking, 2 on 2 All Styles, 1 on 1 House and 1 on 1 Hip Hop. We always said that during the EPIC Journey, if the opportunity arose, we would represent ourselves fully. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? Nothing to lose, everything to gain. With positive thoughts, I remember approaching the battle with a relaxed but focused mind. And who would thought it, I managed to win the breaking category!! It really was a memory I will hold close forever.

Here is footage from the battle : #1 Click Here

Laia had stopped battling since 2011 and it is this year with the message behind the EPIC Journey, she decided to start battling again and face her fears. In the 1 on 1 Hip Hop, she managed to make it to the finals but unfortunately, she couldn’t continue as her asthma condition made it difficult to breath. She is using this trip to cure her asthma forever.

This was one photo which described a special moment during our time in Montevideo where we connected with Niko (Killa Beat Crew, Argentina) and Insano (Salvador, Brazil). You had 5 people from 5 different countries all coming together, sharing and building for one reason, Hip Hop.

To conclude the blog, there are four people we really wanted to thank which made our visit to Montevideo and if it was not for these people, we would have not been able to live all these amazing experiences.

Valeria & Diego are two unique individuals who we connected with in London and we shared some incredible memories in Montevideo!

Ximena, Laia’s friend, was our angel of Montevideo!

Lastly, Virginia or Bgirl Viki who I met in Sweden at an event called Street Start in 2014. I clearly remember telling her I would come and visit her country! She had been our pillar to connect to the Hip Hop community. Her efforts and determination to build the community here is nothing but inspiring. She has a rap group call S.A.K and is heavily involved in the Graffiti scene. With her knowledge and skills, each week she is travelling across the city giving workshops to young kids. Our next blog will be about our time in Buenos Aires, Argentina! Paz y Amor !

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