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Express YOURself, Rep YOURself...

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Being in Brazil, we have naturally been searching for the Hip Hop family. In Salvador and Rio De Janeiro, we entered two Hip Hop battles to fully rep and express ourselves! The best thing about entering was actually the chance to meet some incredible people who represent this culture and share the same feelings and ideas as us.

In Salvador, the energy was raw and the community was strong, we felt connected here with the people. Everyone supporting each other, exchanging in the circles and expressing their feelings in the battles! It was judged by all females with the purpose to remind us that we must respect all in the culture and to give women more acknowledgement of their contribution in the culture.

We entered 2 vs 2 All Styles and I did on 1 on 1 Popping. The eliminations were in an arts centre but due to time constraints, they continued the battles on the concrete by the main road!! Absolutely loved the concrete. With no real expectation, we managed to get the semi-final in All Styles and (i think as I didn’t really understand the portuguese MC) I was in the popping semi finals but they didn’t finish it for some reason. Watch some footage here :

Popping (Savan) All Styles Battle (Laia) Concrete Cyphers

Sharing the experience with Koltarockers Crew made a real difference as we had become a small family (after training together on two separate occasions before the battle). A feeling of mutual unity was shared making it EPIC!!

In Rio De Janeiro, I entered a 1 on 1 Footwork Battle and not expecting it again, managed to make it to the semi-finals. We entered a 2 v 2 all styles and got through to the first round!! Here we really connected with people in all styles from Vogueing, Hip Hop, Breaking, Locking, Popping and met many of our ‘online’ connections that we had made before we arrived in Rio. The cyphers were hot during the breaks!! Everyone would go crazy knowing there was a break to get down and busy! Watch some footage from the battles here :

Footwork Battle

Footwork Battle (Pre-selection)

The feeling from both the events really gave a clear message that Hip Hop is all about PEACE, LOVE, UNITY and HAVING FUN. The beauty of the Hip Hop culture is the global family and we take care of each other. That is clear without any doubts. Next, I will write about the GBCR Crew from Rio De Janerio, a Hip Hop Jam and our experience in the Rocinha Favela! Peace, Savan

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