"Run by the Community, for the Community"

The EPIC Story

EPIC (Every Person Is Capable) is a grass-roots organisation that began in 2017 during a travel across South America with a Hip Hop project called the “EPIC Journey”. Laia Morano and myself embarked on this journey with purpose to share the Hip Hop culture through creating spaces for self expression and collaborating with different people. 

The intention with EPIC has always been to empower people to achieve their full potential. However, having experienced the personal struggles of becoming taken over by the mind and letting conditioned habits impact our ability to achieve our true potential, I realised we first had to start with the mind.

The Mission

EPIC aims to enlighten, educate and empower both individuals, the community and businesses to achieve their true potential by creating mindful spaces for self expansion.


Savan Shah

"I'm a Kenyan by birth but when I think deeply,

I see no borders. We have been brought up in an environment which is always creating divisions between people, social pressures to conform and to follow the norm. Hip Hop has given me the key to question everything, it has allowed me to connect with people from many cultures and open my mind to find my purpose.

EPIC is a project which has originated from a non profit organisation I co-founded called Inspire4Justice (www.inspire4justice.com) and it's a step I had to take because I have seen how powerful one action can be in changing someones life. 

We are all EPIC (Every Person Is Capable), now let's change ourselves and change the world


One love"

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