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Every Person Is Capable (EPIC) is a social enterprise which aims to empower, educate and engage people to achieve their true potential through planting mindful seeds of self expansion.

We combine arts and culture to uplift individuals and communities to improve mental well being, discover forms of self expression and share tools to become more self-aware.


Every Person Is Capable (EPIC) was officially planted in the world in 2017 when the founder (Savan Shah) organised a project called the ‘EPIC Journey’ where we travelled across 6 South American countries over a year to deliver creative arts workshops to vulnerable young people and connect to other community leaders in Hip Hop Culture.

Since 2018, the EPICs roots have grown stronger with establishing the core projects including the EPIC Jam, EPIC Expression, EPIC Conversations and Stronger Together. We have delivered both local and international collaborations for our community.

We believe that we are stronger together and through connecting like minded people, we will continue to make positive changes in the world where people will be able to find themselves, achieve their true potential and be conscious about the decisions they take in the world.

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