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Providing a mindful space for people to have meaningful conversations, share life transforming experiences and gain wisdom from various topics.


We aim for each conversation to provide practical lessons that can be transferred to a person's everyday life to improve their ability to achieve their true potential and overall wellbeing.

How do we host our conversations?

EPIC haved hosted a number of conversations, seminars and speeches based which are interactive for all participants. We have a number of experienced speakers and hosts that hold the space for the attendees and individuals sharing their stories.

In the past we have used creative techniques including meditation and visualisation to connect the participants and reduce any nerves. 

Our intention for the conversations is always to plant mindful seeds of self expansion which can benefit the mind, body and soul, to achieve the true potential



Denkender Mann


A safe space for men to break down the stereotypes of what it means to be a man, to express emotions and share tools to become more mindful, improving mental health and mindset.

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