The Urban Gardner


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 Savan means rain in his mother tongue language.

His purpose is to consciously and patiently water the seeds that have been planted in the community. He is about peace, love, preserving the Hip Hop Culture and spreading

the positivity to those

who cross his path.


The Flame Initiator


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Vish the Oumense, a play on the word immense, he has been known to be a heavy hitter. He gets the movement moving, provides scholarly insight and can be found supporting people, projects and rhyming. His focus is to stay real in the doing.


The Tornado

 Lead Designer

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Loca the locura, lots of

energy and much to give.

A creative Brain with many different Projects. Always keeping it real and fighting for what she believes in. Living around the world and being a Tornado to feel awake and to awaken her surrounding.