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Helfende Hände



I Am Capable is a programme that is designed for individuals and/or organisations to achieve their true potential. It’s a unique combination of personal coaching around self empowerment, knowledge sharing (such as how to build an enterprise) and performances/speeches.


At the end of each programme we host an event called Stronger

Together which is focused on community spirit, self expression

and positive engagement for the participants to gain confidence as they continue on their journey.

What does the programme cover?

The personal coaching explores various areas from the application of mindfulness techniques, discovering purpose to mind hacks which improve efficiency. I Am Capable is tailored for the individual and/or organisation with the understanding we all have different approaches and needs.

The knowledge sharing focuses on technical information for specific units such as ‘How to build a grass-roots community’ to ‘Developing creative training practices to engage people to participate in activities’. 




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