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Planet Earth

©2019 by EPIC (Every Person Is Capable)


Every Person Is Capable

EPIC Talks

Delivering mindful talks for the community to gain deeper insights and attain practical solutions.


Knowledge reigns supreme. EPIC have delivered a number of talks and seminars based around mindfulness that use techniques including meditation, visualisation and audience participation which focus on self expansion.


Our services can be adapted depending on the clients needs.


We are experienced speakers and facilitators with a clear intention to create mindful spaces.

EPIC Expression

Introducing a unique experience using both technology and performing arts to create mindful spaces for self expansion.


Embodying the digital age, we have identified new ways to express our emotions, feel connected and know your inner truth/purpose. We offer innovative workshops and toolkits which combine technology, meditation and performing arts to create mindful spaces to become more self-aware and to release blocked negative energies.


Through collaborations with existing EPIC artists we work with you and/or your organisation to create tailored workshops or programmes to ensure all needs are understood and met.  

EPIC Classroom

Offering a different approach to learning by creating mindful spaces within the classroom.


Well being is essential for learning. Our approach understands that each school and their pupil’s needs are different. We offer a holistic service where educators can choose between motivational school talks, bespoke workshops to teacher training to create mindful classroom environments.


Overall reductions in anxiety, knowing how to deal with day to day stresses and having a toolkit at hand is invaluable for every school community.   

EPIC Workplace

We offer a fully bespoke and ongoing approach which introduces mindful spaces into the workplace.

Our delivery approach is unique. We offer a 1  hour introductory session, full day workshop to an 8 week tailored programme. We have access to a number of mindful tools that can enhance and transform the well being, overall productivity and levels of creativity for your company.

Our services can be integrated into daily life to create a sustainable work life balance reducing stress, anxiety and improving overall happiness.