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Energy, Happiness & Freedom

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

We had the pleasure to do a workshop with a group of contemporary dancers who perform across Brazil to explore how Hip Hop grooves and changing levels can be incorporated into the freedom of movement in dance.

The way we found this group and the time we shared with them will never be forgotten. Our dear friend Drew from Buenos Aires introduced us to one of the most kind hearted and humble human beings we have ever met. He goes by the name of Fred (or who I like to call Dr. Fred as he is also a physiotherapist and continuously helped me with my knee). We stayed in his beautiful home in Salvador where we discovered the group he dances and performs with.

The workshop itself was in a rustic dance studio with about 15 other dancers (with mixed styles). We warmed up with Hip Hop grooves (led by Laia and it amazing to see her filled with light sharing with everyone in the room). We also spent some time sharing what the Hip Hop culture was about which gave me a sense of fufillment to let others understand each of the elements.

The last part of the workshop was all about pushing boundaries and self expression. Using levels as a concept, we shared a cypher with everyone, encouraging everyone to share with us all their feelings through movement.

It was filled with energy, happiness and freedom. Peace, Savan

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