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"The Beginning of Something Beautiful..."

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

When you organically meet someone and you have an instant connection with that person, it is always the start of something beautiful. We connected with a group of Hip Hop dancers from Salvador (some of which were from the Katola Rockers Crew) where we exchanged, built and shared incredible moments during our stay in Salvador.

Last week on Thursday (20/04//17), we were invited to join a practice session at someone’s house where we had no expectations. What we discovered was like a dream. It was exactly what we had been looking for from the moment we arrived in Brazil. We were taken to an outdoors practice spot with a black & white chequered lino (which was in a football court). It was humid with a slight breeze. For me, it was perfect for a session. We agreed to share concepts and ideas on how we train and our own movements / styles. Loke and Oriana both from Kartola Rockers Crew are a duo who are on a similar mission to us in terms of supporting the communities through Hip Hop. By the end of the session, we felt as if we have built a small family in just a few hours. This is why I love Hip Hop :) Thank you to the global family who support each other.

One love, Savan

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