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How are we funding the EPIC Journey?

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

We are funding the EPIC Journey Project in three main ways : 1. Selling our EPIC Journey T Shirt

JUST SO YOU KNOW WHERE THE FUNDS FROM THE T-SHIRT ARE GOING: - 70% of the profits from the will be going towards our EPIC Journey Hip Hop Project where more details can be found below. - 30% of the profits from the EPIC JOURNEY T-SHIRT will be going to Loca for helping us to make this possible. Loca does amazing work to support the Hip Hop Culture, check out her website - HOW ARE THE FUNDS WE RAISE BEING USED IN THE EPIC JOURNEY PROJECT? We have created a separate account for all the money raised towards the project and it will ONLY be spent on the project. The funds will be spent to organise workshops, events or if we need to buy resources for a community project. We will be keeping a transparent record and releasing it in our EPIC JOURNEY Blogs to show how the funds have been spent.

2. Personal Income

After having worked for three years in different jobs, I have always been saving for the EPIC Journey and I will be using my own money as well to support the projects we are working on.

2. Go Fund Me

We have created a Go Fund Me page for anyone who wants to donate towards the project. Click on the link below to go the page :

All the funds raised will be added to the same EPIC Journey account where we will be keeping everything transparent through this blog

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