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The Voice Of The Voiceless

How often do we think about those who don't have a voice? The ones who may not always speak up, who may be less confident, who don't get seen or who might be unable to share their feelings or story.

These are the people we want to lift up along side everyone else and give them a voice to be seen for who they truly are.

At the EPIC Summer Jam Vol 5 in August 2021 at the Nomads building in Harrow, it demonstrated the power of Hip Hop Culture in giving people a space to be seen. We believe this is the essence of Hip Hop Culture, to create a space where the community come together to share & express themselves honestly and bringing all the elements together.

Our philosophy has always been focused on upliftment and supporting the unsupported.

Thank you to everyone who's supporting this message that Every Person Is Capable.

We are doing this together. Peace & Love, The EPIC Team

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