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Real Hip Hop Culture Empowers, Educates and Engages our youth towards a positive way of life.

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

People from different cultures, backgrounds and ages all came together to engage in positive urban arts. Breaking, Graffiti, DJing and Rapping are the tools we have to empower and educate our young people towards a positive way of life.

The Mayor of Brent agreed in the power of community and to use Hip Hop as a way to engage our young people in a positive way.

The Urban Arts Festival was hosted by Wembley Park with Every Person Is Capable curating the 'Concrete Area' in collaboration with three other organisations HipHoppera, Hip Hop Says & Inspiral Arts.

Why is the Hip Hop Culture needed to get our young people away from negative influences and towards a positive mindset?

1. Confidence Building

Being able to learn and master an urban art not only boosts a young persons confidence but it also allows them to believe that they are capable. It can have a significant positive impact on how they approach different challenges in their life.

2. Social Integration.

Expressing yourself through Hip Hop exposes young people to connect with people from different backgrounds, ages and ethnicities; broadening their perspectives and life experience.

3. Health & Well Being.

Hip Hop advocates a healthy and conscious way of living through taking care of your mind, body and soul. Young people who start to understand the importance of being self-aware and taking care of their mind will be able to face life challenges in a more positive way.

4. Self Expression.

Hip Hop allows young people to use their energy to tell their story through the different urban art forms (Graffiti, Breaking, DJing, Beatboxing, Rapping). It's pure freedom of expression.

Spread Love Is The Way, Ya Don't Stop

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