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Planet Earth

©2019 by EPIC (Every Person Is Capable)


Every Person Is Capable

EPIC Talks

Delivering mindful talks, discussions and key note speeches for the community to empower, educate and engage people into achieving their true potential.

EPIC have delivered a number of talks, seminars and speeches based around mindfulness that use techniques including meditation, visualisation and audience participation which focus on self expansion.

We are experienced speakers and facilitators with a clear intention to create mindful spaces.

Special Project : The Man Down Project is a monthly meet up for men to discuss what it means to be a man in the 21st Century & breakdown negative stereotypes. 

EPIC Expression

Introducing a unique experience using both Hip Hop and creative learning practices to create mindful spaces for self expansion.

We offer creative and innovative workshops which combine technology, mindfulness and Hip Hop to create a unique experience to become more self-aware.

EPIC Expression have been delivered to young people all across South America during the EPIC Journey Project between 2017 - 2018.   


Our EPIC artists aim to work with you and/or your organisation to empower, educate and engage your community.   


Aims to bring the commUNITY together  and keep the essence of the Hip Hop Culture alive through mindful workshops, screenings and concepts.


Our approach to the EPIC Jam is to create a mindful space which will allow everyone involved to freely express themselves through the Hip Hop culture. 

We want to empower, educate and engage people to experience Real Hip Hop and not what's been shown in the media.

This jam is to unite the community through peace, love, unity and having fun.  

Stronger Together

Stronger Together is a quarterly event that combines talks and performances to empower, educate and engage people to become aware about a particular topic or theme.  

2020 will be focused on 4 events; International Women's Day, International Men's Day, Wisdom Through Elders & Wisdom Through Youth. Each event will have a "Thank You For Being You" award to highlight the positive values specific people have brought to this world.

If you and/or your organisation would want to be part of the stronger together event as a collaboration please get in touch.