Every Person Is Capable

The Man Down Project

A non judgemental space that will highlight, re-ignite and re-define what it means to be a man in the 21st Century.


Regardless of your age, background or status, let us come together as a collective to become more mindful and break down these conditioned barriers.

Each meet up will be facilitated by a professional,  with a clear agenda of what to expect and shall be supported by other organisations who work closely with men’s mental health as well as creating mindful spaces for men.

The EPIC Challenge
Hip Hop Project | South America 

Partnership with National Citizen Service to work with Young People to empower their local community. 

The aim of the project is to set a challenge to teams of 8-10 young people to come up with a creative idea that will empower and inspire their local community.

Each team has workshops on how to come up with an idea and deliver the project. They present their idea to a panel of professionals and spend two days fundraising and raising awareness before spending one deliver their idea.  

Hip Hop Project aimed to empower people to achieve their full potential through creating mindful spaces for self expression.


Reached out to the communities in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru over a 6 month period. Built human connections, organised workshops and spread the love of the Hip Hop culture to empower the people. (Click to see our blog)

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Seminars aimed to build self-awareness, create open discussions and to build a mindful community.


 Each month, EPIC collaborates with an organisation called "The Corner" to bring meaningful discussions and mindful topics to our local communities. Recently, on the 14th February we delivered a talk called "The Power Of Positive Thinking | A Date With Your Mind". 

We will be marketing our next talk no on our social media platforms.