"When we take a moment to actively listen and open our minds to another, within that space is the wisdom that can transform our life in an instant"  

About EPIC Talks

EPIC have delivered a number of talks, seminars and workshops based around mindfulness and connecting with inspirational people who have transformed their lives.

We want to share practical and tangible tools which can help empower people to take the steps they need to grow and achieve what they've set their minds to. 

We are experienced speakers and facilitators with a clear intention to transform people's lives to achieve their true potential.

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What We Offer


The Man Down Project is a monthly meet up for men to discuss what it means to be a man in the 21st Century, breakdown negative stereotypes and empower each other achieve their full potential. 


Delivering mindful interactive talks to empower, educate and engage people to find practical ways to achieve their true potential. 



Providing a platform for people who have been through a life transforming experience to share their wisdom and practical lessons with us all

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