January 28, 2020

Hip Hop actively breaks down cultural, racial and gender stereotypes, creating a community who accept each for who they truly are as human beings and as artists for their skills. 

The EPIC Jam is a Hip Hop jam which has been actively taking place in London for...

January 13, 2020

People from different cultures, backgrounds and ages all came together to engage in positive urban arts. Breaking, Graffiti, DJing and Rapping are the tools we have to empower and educate our young people towards a positive way of life.  

The Mayor of Brent agreed...

September 5, 2019

A grass-roots initiative led by 5 Brent community ambassadors. We are collaborating with Wembley Park, Box Park and United Borders to celebrate the Hip Hop and Skating Culture in order to have a positive impact on our community.

Urban Arts Festival is a two day FREE fes...

August 8, 2017

Uruguay was filled with surprises, re-connections and a strong Hip Hop community. We had the opportunity to talk about the EPIC Journey project at a Hip Hop event called ‘Boom Box Cypher’ and collaborate with Viki (who has always been building the scene here) to suppor...

June 18, 2017

As we travelled down Brazil, we were constantly being told São Paulo was the place to be in Latin America to share and experience the Hip Hop Culture.  It did not disappoint.  

Arriving into this concrete jungle, we were hosted by Catatau (Tsunami All Sta...

May 22, 2017

The real Rio De Janeiro is not what you see on Copacabana beach or the Christ the Redeemer, it is in the Favela communities where the government presence is limited. We spent a few days in Rocinha, Brazil's largest favela and shared a few moments with a Hip Hop Project...

May 8, 2017

Being in Brazil, we have naturally been searching for the Hip Hop family. In Salvador and Rio De Janeiro, we entered two Hip Hop battles to fully rep and express ourselves! The best thing about entering was actually the chance to meet some incredible people who represe...

April 26, 2017

We had the pleasure to do a workshop with a group of contemporary dancers who perform across Brazil to explore how Hip Hop grooves and changing levels can be incorporated into the freedom of movement in dance.

The way we found this group and the time we shared with them...

April 25, 2017

When you organically meet someone and you have an instant connection with that person, it is always the start of something beautiful. We connected with a group of Hip Hop dancers from Salvador (some of which were from the Katola Rockers Crew) where we exchanged, built...

April 17, 2017

We begin our EPIC Journey here in Salvador! We did an hour workshop with 60 young teenagers in a local school outside the city centre.

Having spent nearly a week in Salvador where we have been staying in an area called 'Praia Do Flamengo' with an amazing friend called D...

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September 5, 2019

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